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Specific Risk Credit Insurance

What would happen to your business if your biggest customer went bust?

Specific Risk Credit Insurance from Peter Hill Credit

Specific Risk Credit Insurance allows you to insure a single buyer or contract against the risk on insolvency.

Traditionally, credit insurance has tended to favour companies with a spread of risk who were looking to cover all of their accounts.

Fortunately, times have changed and it is now possible to obtain cover on a single customer. This makes these policies tailor made for companies with a high concentration of turnover with one customer.

Specific Risk cover is also useful for companies who perhaps only deal with one commercial buyer on credit terms. The cost of a Specific Risk policy is normally priced on the amount outstanding rather than the turnover of the specific customer insured and premiums are getting more and more competitive.

Can you afford not to cover your biggest account?
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We can also place flexible whole turnover policies designed to perfectly suit your needs. Please visit our main website for more information.


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